Feb  March 2020
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Friday, Mar 13, 2020   
Award Winner
Adrenaline Shots  ☣Kanba☣ (11 adrenaline shots used)
AK-47  0ffensive ヅ (239 kills with ak47)
Arctic Warfare Magnum  Sir Jay (49 kills with awp)
Auto-Shotgun  RoBeRld 22 (176 kills with auto-shotgun)
Baseball Bat  AngeloO-RialRap2HRecordsR14 (30 kills with baseball bat)
Best Latency  Lexa (20 ms average connection)
Boomer's Claws  0ffensive ヅ (1 kills with boomers's claws)
Chainsaw  Дед с бедами (32 kills with chainsaw)
Charger's Claws  PrincessZelda2020 (2 kills with chargers's claws)
Chrome Shotgun  Sir Jay (299 kills with chrome shotgun)
Combat Rifle  UberGAA (77 kills with combat rifle)
Cricket Bat  Edward (17 kills with cricket bat)
Crowbar  SL147 - "Ω" (30 kills with crowbar)
Dual Pistols  rodhitroumnyi (38 kills with dual pistols)
Electric Guitar  th13teen (65 kills with eletric guitar)
Fireaxe  WOS (78 kills with fireaxe)
Flame  Lexa (4 kills with flame)
Frying Pan  SL147 - "Ω" (25 kills with frying_pan)
Golf Club  MrCeda (39 kills with golf club)
Grenade Launcher  WOS (1 kills with grenade launcher)
Helping Hand  ☣Kanba☣ (39 revived Survivors)
Hunter Punter  Sir Jay (12 hunter punts)
Hunter's Claws  nd-studio (4 kills with hunter's claws)
Hunting Rifle  Lexa (260 kills with hunting rifle)
Inferno  0ffensive ヅ (219 kills with inferno)
Jockey's Claws  Bobby 2020™ ® (1 kills with jockies's claws)
Katana  Wild'War (365 kills with katana)
Killed Boomers  Sir Jay (40 killed Boomers)
Killed Chargers  Sir Jay (50 killed Chargers)
Killed Hunters  Sir Jay (43 killed Hunters)
Killed Jockey  Sir Jay (39 killed Jockies)
Killed Smokers  Sir Jay (41 killed Smokers)
Killed Spitter  Sir Jay (29 killed Spitters)
Killed Survivors  Lexa (7 killed Survivors)
Killed Tanks  Lexa (5 killed Tanks)
Killed Witches  Sir Jay (3 killed Witches)
Level A Charge  Lexa (2 level a charge)
Longest Play Time  Sir Jay (04:32:48h hours)
M-60  SpaWn (22 kills with M-60)
Mac-10  TRGordon (103 kills with mac-10)
Mac-10 (Silenced)  ☣Kanba☣ (88 kills with mac-10 silenced)
Machete  ☣Kanba☣ (674 kills with machete)
Magnum  Sir Jay (88 kills with magnum)
Melee  Lexa (1 kills with melee)
Minigun  Me'Shell Jones (4 kills with minigun)
Most Headshots  ☣Kanba☣ (258 headshots)
Most Improved Player  Sir Jay (6,921 points gained)
Most Kills  Sir Jay (2,058 kills)
MP5-Navy  Sir Jay (187 kills with mp5)
Pipe Bomb  Lexa (271 kills with pipe bomb)
Pistol  Sir Jay (34 kills with pistol)
Protector  Sir Jay (428 teammate protections)
Rifle  Sir Jay (287 kills with rifle)
Shotgun  Gandalft (78 kills with shotgun)
Sig Sauer SG-552  Sir Jay (255 kills with sg552)
Smoker's Claws  Lexa (2 kills with smoker's claws)
Sniper Rifle  Sir Jay (163 kills with sniper rifle)
SPAS-12  KOLen-VAL (123 kills with spas-12)
Spitter's Claws  Vete a chingar a tu madre (1 kills with spitters's claws)
Steyr Scout  Sir Jay (79 kills with scout)
Tank's Claws  MrCeda (1 kills with tank-claw)
Teammates Defibrillated  Lexa (3 teammates defibrillated)
Tonfa  Blaga The Lord (49 kills with tonfa)