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Friday, May 15, 2020   
Award Winner
Adrenaline Shots  Agent XXX (18 adrenaline shots used)
AK-47  rbn (207 kills with ak47)
Arctic Warfare Magnum  NL (300 kills with awp)
Baseball Bat  efrenuzumaki001 (49 kills with baseball bat)
Best Latency  Grzegorz93 (32 ms average connection)
Boomer's Claws  Bombinii (1 kills with boomers's claws)
Chainsaw  tumamichulaxd_ (38 kills with chainsaw)
Charger's Claws  NL (3 kills with chargers's claws)
Chrome Shotgun  Santixo (86 kills with chrome shotgun)
Combat Rifle  Agent XXX (203 kills with combat rifle)
Cricket Bat  ︻╦デ╤╾━✞8N1K-5ツ (39 kills with cricket bat)
Crowbar  NL (41 kills with crowbar)
Dual Pistols  Santixo (49 kills with dual pistols)
Electric Guitar  nickk (15 kills with eletric guitar)
Fireaxe  TheJazeP (101 kills with fireaxe)
Flame  Agent XXX (9 kills with flame)
Frying Pan  Fercho Elias elchino (107 kills with frying_pan)
Golf Club  ריטאַרד באַקומען (43 kills with golf club)
Grenade Launcher  iso (1 kills with grenade launcher)
Helping Hand  NL (50 revived Survivors)
Hunter Punter  top tier (17 hunter punts)
Hunter's Claws  Nelyan (10 kills with hunter's claws)
Hunting Rifle  Nelyan (483 kills with hunting rifle)
Jockey's Claws  n00bity (1 kills with jockies's claws)
Katana  Agent XXX (478 kills with katana)
Killed Boomers  NL (72 killed Boomers)
Killed Chargers  NL (82 killed Chargers)
Killed Hunters  NL (63 killed Hunters)
Killed Jockey  NL (50 killed Jockies)
Killed Smokers  NL (80 killed Smokers)
Killed Spitter  NL (55 killed Spitters)
Killed Survivors  NL (13 killed Survivors)
Killed Tanks  Nelyan (3 killed Tanks)
Killed Witches  NL (3 killed Witches)
Level A Charge  top tier (1 level a charge)
Longest Play Time  NL (11:15:00h hours)
M-60  Good Girl Gone Bad <3 (41 kills with M-60)
Mac-10  Nelyan (127 kills with mac-10)
Mac-10 (Silenced)  NL (125 kills with mac-10 silenced)
Machete  top tier (238 kills with machete)
Magnum  ❤ღNastyaღ❤ (44 kills with magnum)
Minigun  umutcanaltinok (4 kills with minigun)
Most Headshots  NL (309 headshots)
Most Improved Player  NL (12,657 points gained)
Most Kills  NL (2,867 kills)
MP5-Navy  ריטאַרד באַקומען (130 kills with mp5)
Pipe Bomb  Agent XXX (321 kills with pipe bomb)
Rifle  Agent XXX (286 kills with rifle)
Shotgun  Neon :(, (70 kills with shotgun)
Sig Sauer SG-552  Agent XXX (318 kills with sg552)
Smoker's Claws  0ffensive ヅ (1 kills with smoker's claws)
Sniper Rifle  Nelyan (149 kills with sniper rifle)
SPAS-12  Lucas Wayne (80 kills with spas-12)
Spitter's Claws  Yiyo (1 kills with spitters's claws)
Steyr Scout  NL (194 kills with scout)
Teammates Defibrillated  NL (9 teammates defibrillated)
Tonfa  Igruha (13 kills with tonfa)